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    Introducing Our Brand New Forest Lodge Adventure Shacks

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Autumn has come speeding round the corner and it’s time to wrap up warm and cosy to enjoy your time with friends and family. There is no better place to do this than our new Forest Shacks

What Is An Adventure Shack?

Our private dining and drinking shacks set outside the main building of each pub are designed to give you the feel of a private party with heaters to keep you warm in the cold and each shack contains its own sound system so why not connect your phone and have a great time.   

The Shacks are currently located at 9 of our pubs including The Farm House, The Great House, The Gun, The Lazy Fox, The Pheasant Plucker, The Pig & Sty, The Poacher and Partridge, The Potting Shed, The Vineyard and when it is open The Wishful Thinker. Being spread over Kent and East Sussex there will always be somewhere for you choose from.

The Inspiration

Our events coordinator loves preparing for the changeover of the shacks and this year’s inspiration came unexpectedly from a morning walk with her dog. She decided to take a different route than usual and ended up in her local forest, being surrounded by the cosy colours that autumn brings was all it took. Just like that the forest lodges were becoming more than just an idea. 

The colour palette was focussed around browns, greens, beige and other neutral tones. Making it feel earthy but still warm and cosy.

The Design

Going from Botanical Spring/Summer to Forest Autumn/Winter is always a dramatic change for people not just in weather but also in mood and we wanted to portray that in our shacks. Wanting people to feel toasty and snug despite the cold nights is our main goal. Filled with comfy pillows and fluffy blankets to keep you warm if the heater isn’t enough. To ensure we weren’t wasting any of our previous years’ efforts, as well as trying to remain sustainable we have reused some key decorations, such as our canvas and wall mounted deer. 

When you come to visit us, you will recognise the phenomenal work of Heidi and Katia of HeiDesigns within the shacks. We go back to these ladies time and again due to the sheer beauty of their work. They focus on producing incredible floral installations to elevate a space and emerge us in the feeling of the outdoors, and they achieved exactly that within our shacks.

You can find out more about HeiDesigns below


The Occasion

The shacks are the perfect setting to make any occasion feel special. We cater for everyone. From birthdays and anniversaries to memorable first dates and afternoon teas. Even if you want a private space with your close friends, the shack is fully flexible to you. Holding up to 8 people the space creates a perfect private area for you and your guests. You can even come and decorate to make it extra special for your occasion.

If you don’t wish to take advantage of the shack yourself but you know someone would love to go, why not get them a gift voucher? The perfect gift to help create memories.

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