Vegan friendly, free from, and all round healthier alternatives are changing the way we eat! Many of us have participated in Veganuary, Dry January or just a fresh cleanse and improved lifestyle habits. Thankfully, we’re on board with the current alternatives for everything we enjoy, so you don’t have to stay at home to stick to your new lifestyle throughout the year. You can come out to the pub, and still leave guilt and sin-free!

At Elite Pubs, you’ll find flavoursome and creative mocktails to appease your cocktail temptation. You can select from a range of non-alcoholic classics, sipping on all our favourites, whilst keeping to your new year’s resolution. Mocktails include including a Strawberry Daquiri, a Virgin Mojito and a Pornstar Martini. We also have a range of non-alcoholic beers, cider, and spirits, so you can enjoy fewer calories, even less alcohol, but never less fun.

We have also launched a range of plant-based lattes, so you can enjoy a seasonal coffee, whilst keeping to your vegan lifestyle. You can choose between Original Chai, Macho Matcha and Golden Tumeric lattes.

You can also dig into a range of (not only for) vegans dishes from our menus, filled with mouth-watering goodness. With vegan cheese, we have a long list of alternatives for vegans and for dairy-free guests!

If gluten free is your vow, we have gluten free alternatives for almost everything on our menu. With gluten free bread, pasta and pizza bases, there are no limits to your options whilst committing to your dietary needs.

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