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    Wildshark Vineyard Assistant, Lauren

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Introducing you to another face you’ll see around the vineyard… our lovely vineyard assistant, Lauren. You might see her in and around the vines tending to their every need. Lauren is incredibly knowledgeable about what the vines need and how to look after them. Not only this, but her gorgeous Labrador will often be seen at her feet ready to help wherever she can! We had a chat with Lauren to find out more about her role, what her favourite aspects are of the vineyard and even her favourite wine to drink.

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What is your favourite part about working in the wine/vineyard industry?

My favourite part of working at the vineyard is working on the vines all year round. Watching the progress each year of the vines becoming stronger and better is really rewarding. I have to say working on the vineyard in the Spring and Summer is more pleasant weather wise, but a lot of the hard work is put in in the colder Winter months.

What inspires you within your role?

Everyday is different on the vineyard, new challenges are met, and also and endless amount of new things to learn. Working with like-minded individuals is an opportunity to share expertise and learn tips and tricks along the way. It’s always great to watch the vineyard expand.

Every month is busy for the team but what is the best month?

Harvest time is my favourite time of the year at the vineyard. It’s a time to reflect on all the hard work we all do throughout the year. We watch our grapes at there finest and ready to be used to make our wines. Harvest feels ceremonial and brings locals together to all muck in and get involved. We always celebrate after with a well earned drink! Ready to start all over again for next year!

What is your favourite wine or grape variety?

I enjoy trying new and different wines. But I’d have to say I enjoy drinking more English sparkling wine which hopefully we’ll have those available very soon at the vineyard!

What are you looking forward to in 2025?

I’m most looking forward to seeing our vineyard expand with the winery and vistors centre and some exciting information being released soon! I also look forward to seeing the potential our vines can do producing the highest quality of grape we look for in the wines.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know our vineyard assistant Lauren, say hi if you see her!


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