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    Supporting Vulnerable People this Christmas

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While the festive season is a joyous time for some, it can be a difficult and lonely time for others. We’re all about community spirit and wanted to put together some ideas on how you can help those struggling this Christmas.

Supporting Charities for Vulnerable People

It’s really important to us here at Elite to support local charities. This December we contributed towards a number of charity raffles raising money for vulnerable people including Maidstone Homeless Centre which is a non-profit organization supporting the most vulnerable in Maidstone through Day Centre, Food Bank and Goodsell House.

Charity donations are quick and easy via online payment methods.


Volunteering is a wonderful way to really feel part of the community. You could think about volunteering at a kitchen or food bank on your days off work – more often than not, shifts are extremely flexible and can work around your commitments. You could make friends for life while making someone’s day!


Things that may not be a big deal to you may change someone’s life. Donating clothes, toys, food and more can really help people and families in need. There are lots of charities where you can donate a box of toys that get sent to children in need – a Google search will locate your nearest drop-off point.

Charity shops can sometimes get overwhelmed with donations at this time of year so it may be worth popping into your local shop and asking what they might be short on.

Checking in on loved ones

Sometimes it’s the people you least expect who can be the loneliest. Check-in on your family and friends. A text or phone call can make someone’s day. Why not invite them to one of our pubs for a drink or a snack to catch up? Have you heard of the “two ok” rule? If a mate says they’re fine, they might not be. A second ‘how are you?’ can make all the difference.

Offer to help neighbours

Check in on your neighbours. See if they need any groceries or presents picking up, a lift to an appointment or maybe just some company for a few hours. People don’t always feel comfortable directly asking for help, so bridging that gap can make it easier.

Be patient with those working

Be kind this Christmas. Be patient with those working over the festive period, they’re doing the best they can in an extraordinarily busy time. Many are spending Christmas away from their families so that they can make your day as special as it can be. Remember staff aren’t robots, mistakes happen, especially when it’s busy, so being that little more tolerant can really take the pressure off those working

On behalf of all of us here at Elite Pubs, here’s wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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