We, along with the rest of the country, were shocked and saddened to hear of the conflict in Ukraine and our hearts go out to those directly affected by the situation.

We wanted to help in any way that we could. That’s when we had the idea to create a totally new and unique dish to add to our menus across all our pubs. Our special Chicken Kyiv dish was crafted and each of our chefs added their own creative flair.

£5 from every dish went to UNICEF to aid and protect the children in Ukraine. Whether your Kyiv was paired with creamy mash, crisp fresh salad or hearty seasonal vegetables, we hope it was mouth-watering!

Since the launch in early March, we’re proud to say we’ve raised over £8,800 for UNICEF. We wanted to thank all our wonderful customers who opted for the Chicken Kyiv dish, there were over 1,700 of you! We hope it tasted as good as it felt to do our part and help.

Not only did we create a signature dish for charity, we were also able to donate 100 sleeping bags which were transported by Chapman’s Fishmonger (Elite’s local fish supplier) to help those struggling in Ukraine.

We know these acts are just a small part to play in helping, but we’re always looking for ways in which we can aid those in need.

UNICEF is continuing to take donations; we’ve provided the link below. Whether you donate £1 or £100 you can rest assured your money is going to towards helping those in need


Ways to help

There are lots of ways you can help other than donating money. By joining your local Facebook group, you’ll get notifications if anyone hosting a Ukrainian family needs donated furniture.

If you are donating to a charity, please make sure you check the charity’s registration number and make sure the charity is legitimate before providing any payment details.

You can apply to be a sponsor for a Ukrainian family who has been forced to flee from their home – more details for this can be found on the Government website.

Not everyone is able to donate cash. Spreading awareness online can be extremely helpful also. Sharing local charities or collection spots – sharing posts of people needing furniture or clothes to spread the word – every little helps!


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