Signwriting is a huge part of our pubs, it helps form our identity by bringing a creative flair as well as being informative on deals, discounts, menus and wine lists to name a few!

We’re proud to work with one of the best sign-writers in the business, Eugene from Gemini Signs and Designs. Eugene classes himself as a traditional signwriter. Traditional signwriting is set out and painted by hand and it is the slight irregularities of hand craft that give the work its character. That is completely lost with the machine-made look of computer work, even when painted. It’s not easy to find a traditional signwriter in Kent!

We asked him some questions about his experience, advice for anyone wanting to get into the industry and his favourite things about being a traditional signwriter!

Can you tell us a little bit more about your experience in signwriting?

signwriter in kent painting blackboard in pub

Can you tell us a little bit more about your experience in signwriting?

I am a signwriter with quite a few years of experience. Something like 30 years now.

I use paint to produce work in what is now known as ‘Traditional Signwriting’. This can be on vehicles, buildings, boats etc, in fact, I can paint on most things if they stay still long enough! I also do a great deal of blackboard work. Mainly pubs but many cafes, hotels and clubs use them now.

The most common paint used is gloss enamel, but for some jobs, acrylics are used. The most common medium used to produce them is the ‘chalk pen’ which is a very useful tool that speeds the job up considerably while giving the same effect as chalk.

I also produce vinyl signage and use a specialist cutting machine to produce lettering and logos for customers.

How did you get into signwriting?

signwriting pub discounts and deals

How did you get into signwriting?



I did a short college course back in the 1980’s and then clutching a handful of new brushes and a mahl stick went out and started splashing paint around.


I happened to do a small job on an ice cream van, one thing led to another and I ended up being the ‘go-to’ signwriter for most of South London’s ice cream men.

What’s your favourite thing signwriting?

christmas blackboard traditional signwriting

What’s your favourite thing signwriting?


The best thing about the job is the free coffee! Seriously though, it’s very pleasing to produce work that not everyone can do. Also, you sometimes get asked to write on some unusual things – every job is different in some way.

Do you have any advice for someone looking to get into signwriting?

frank sinatra painting traditional signwriting

Do you have any advice for someone looking to get into signwriting?


I have heard some signwriters offer day or weekend classes, as I’m not sure you can do it at college anymore. Lots of tutorials on the internet as well. Just have a go, it doesn’t really require a great deal of investment, just a couple of brushes and some paint.

One of the reasons we love working with Eugene is because he adds a completely unique and original artist flair to every board. We send a brief of content and then he’s away and it’s amazing to watch each board come to life!

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