We recently sat down with our Front of House team member at The Farm House, Louise. We talked through her experience so far with Elite Pubs, aspirations for the future and key advice for anyone wanting to get into the hospitality industry!

Keep reading for the juicy details!

Can you tell us a little about your experience working before you joined Elite?

Before joining Elite Pubs, I had worked in 2 very different pubs. First pub being busy with drinkers and a constant party vibe, so I got to learn how to work the bar pretty quick! Second pub being a sweet country pub in the top 45 pubs in Kent, known well for their food, which is where I learnt to waitress before moving on to being supervisor.

Please talk about your experience so far with Elite

My experience with Elite pubs so far has been a journey of learning and progressing. Working at The Farm House full time gives me plenty of opportunities to work on different sections and to expand my knowledge in hospitality.

What’s your favourite part of working with Elite?

My favourite part is the friendships made with the most amazing people who become more like family, the bonds created through working as a team and the support offered by everyone around!

What’s your favourite drink to make?

Definitely has to be the Zombie!

What’s your favourite drink to drink?

Espresso Martini.

What are your career aspirations long term?

In the future I see myself planning and hosting events for my own chain of pubs, clubs and restaurants!

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to get into your role?

Never be afraid to ask a question. Never be afraid to make a mistake. If you work well under pressure, you’ll smash it!

We pride ourselves on channelling a small business, family ethos who creates a work environment where employees can thrive in their career as well as making friendships for life.

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