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“Meat” the newest plant-based kid on the block.


Introducing Eatplanted – the plant-based meat company on a mission to change the world, one chicken at a time.


At last, a vegan substitute for meat-lovers, flexitarians and vegans alike. Deliciously meaty texture, with muscle-like fibres, Eatplanted’s meat makes you seriously question how it’s possible.

vegan wrap


Recognising a disconnect between healthy and natural food, and current plant-based offerings being packed full of chemicals and additives, Eatplanted uses clever tech (think a massive pasta maker) to recreate meat-like fibres; and no additives, chemicals, fillers or preservatives. Only this time, instead of flour, like in pasta, Eatplanted uses powdered peas, oats and sunflower protein.


Not only does this mean no soy or gluten, but also not so bad for packing a protein punch (their chicken is a hefty 24g/100g!).

vegan meat


Bringing a range of chicken, pulled pork, schnitzel and kebab to the UK from their homeland in Switzerland, this is one new brand not to miss out on.


Buy them either plain to add to your favourite recipes or with marinades (our favourite is the chimichurri-style marinated pulled pork; or the zesty lemon & herb chicken).


Whatever the flavour, you can always guarantee: no animals, no additives, no compromise.

vegan burger


Founded by a group of four friends, the idea started during a PhD project. When working out if any vegetable could mimic the fibrous structure of animal meat, and discovering that yellow peas could very nicely – a business idea was quickly born.


The four then decided to partner with Francois – a Michelin-starred chef from France – in order to create the delicious marinades for the products.


Scaling up, Eatplanted is now made in its own factory just outside of Zurich, complete with glass walls. Why? Because not only is the brand on a mission to be the world’s most transparent company, but also because where else do plants and ideas grow best, than a greenhouse. 

Eatplanted truly is food made for foodies, by experts. 

vegan kebab

You can find Eatplanted dishes at all of our pubs, from “chicken” gyros to “pulled pork” tacos you can rest assured your cravings will be satisfied! 

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