We were delighted to welcome Tia to intern with us in the Elite office as a part of her University course focussing on Marketing and Events. We sat down with her to find out more about her experience so far!

Can you tell us a little more about the reasons for interning/ work experience

Can you tell us a little more about the reasons for interning/ work experience

I am in my final year which consists of Work-Based learning which is relevant for my degree. The purpose for completing work experience to have a first-hand real-world experience in the industry. It allows me to get a real understanding of what my role would entail after my degree. 

I chose to complete my work experience here for several reasons, one being I already work for the company. I am currently a waitress for one of the Elite Pubs locations, this means that I already have an understanding of the business and how it runs, the type of clients that we cater for, as well as the tone and processes of the company.

What is your course and how does office life correlate with this?

I am currently studying Public Relations and Media at Canterbury Christ Church; within my course I cover topics such as social media, media audiences, media production, campaign, and planning alongside public relations and more. Being within the office allows me to gather experience in all these avenues from content creations to bookings, mailers, and blogs. Having the first-hand experience of what my degree is preparing me for is the best experience I could ask for.

What are some of the new things you have learned while working with us?

One of my first responsibilities was taking part in the project of the changeover of the forest lodges. This consisted in creating decorations, redecorating the shacks for the new season as well as content creation for TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. I also completed a blog based on the release of the shacks. Being a part of this project allowed me to venture to the other pub locations that I have not been to before and allowed me to expand my network in terms of the staff at the other pubs. 

I’ve created several blogs on multiple topics including the Forest Shacks and Best Things to do on Halloween in Kent. This has allowed me to improve my copywriting and researching skills and having to accommodate the tone and mood of each piece dependent on the target audience. 

On my third day of my internship, I had my first ever experience with crisis communication, unfortunately one of the pubs experienced a fire meaning that for the following day I needed to reach out to customers regarding the move of bookings to other locations either via phone or email.

I have submitted several mailers and caption posts for the public, comedy club, international chefs day, the shacks, NYE announcement, private hire announcement, Halloween blog etc. I have also participated in and run TikTok’s/reels for the socials including the Cow Shed Halloween campaign.

What have been some of your favourite moments?

What have been some of your favourite moments?

I have had such an enjoyable time in the office that there are so many to choose from. The one that stands out the most for me was creating the TikTok’s with the office team. Everyone was so eager to get involved and were so helpful when it came to choreography and enthusiasm that it made the job really enjoyable.

Another highlight was based around Halloween. I was entrusted with the new decorations in The Cow Shed as well as creating the content for the reveal of The Cow Shed. I also got to take part in the content creating for the new Halloween cocktails. Watching them being made and enjoying the outcome was a perk.

Would you say collaborating with us has further inspired you for your studies?

I would say that completing my internship with the Elite Pubs has inspired my real-life comparisons that I can use in my studies as well as my day to day. It has also reassured me that the degree I am doing is what I wanted to do. Spending time in the office really assured me that this is what I want for the start of my career, and I know I can be confident in this environment.

What are your plans post-graduation?

I am planning to finish my degree in May and graduate in September. Now I am exploring my options as I am not entirely sure on the plan for straight after university. I would love to work in the fashion industry focusing on social media and marketing, so I am currently applying for roles in that area. Eventually, I would like to work freelance, working for myself and having the freedom of being my own boss is the goal. 

I am not just career driven, during this time I would also like to travel and experience other cultures, this influenced my career goal to work freelance. Having the freedom to work where I want and when I want really appeals to me.

We have absolutely loved having Tia on board with us contributing fresh ideas, executing successful campaigns and being another happy face in the office!

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