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    How we’re handling allergens this festive season

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Now that the festive season is in full swing, you want to join your friends and family for a delicious meal without worrying about how it will make you feel. We are here to settle your nerves and ensure you have a phenomenal time. Here are the stages we follow to keep you safe when hosting people with allergens…

Step One:

When booking a table, we ask if you have any dietary requirements or allergies, this is one of the two things we ask you to do. By letting us know in advance we can be sure that there will be something available on the menu to suit your needs. We may even double-check this when you arrive on the day, just to be on the safe side.

Step Two:

Once you have sat, we will give you a copy of our allergen menu. This menu highlights all 14 allergen groups*. We would ask you to read through the menu carefully to choose a meal that gets your mouth watering.  If you have an allergy outside of these 14, the manager will speak to the head chef to find out what is not available for you. There may be a few dishes that can be made to suit your dietary needs with just the removal of certain items, please query this with your server and we can see what we can do to accommodate you.

Step Three:

Once your order has been taken, the server will double-check with the chef that the meal is appropriate for you. And then they get started on your wonderful meals.

Step Four:

For all allergens both the kitchen and the bar prep the surface by thoroughly cleaning the area, this ensures there is no cross-contamination. The food is then prepared and cooked.

Step Five:

Once your dish is ready to go it will be placed on the pass separate from the other dishes for your table. The chef will then advise the server which dish has been prepared to suit the allergen. Your server, with freshly clean hands, will bring your food to the table separately from the rest of the dishes, this is all to ensure that there has been no cross-contamination.

Bon appetite!

These steps will take place during every visit, at every pub, all year round. We want you to feel welcome with every visit, as well as safe and reassured throughout the whole visit. 

Take a look at our Allergen Menu below.

*The 14 Main Allergens: Cereals (containing Gluten), Nuts, Peanuts, Milk, Eggs, Celery, Soya, Sesame seeds, Lupin, Fish, Molluscs, Crustaceans, Sulphur Dioxide, Mustard

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