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    Signature Cotton Candy Cosmo Cocktail Recipe

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Perfect for a summer’s day, our Cotton Candy cocktail can be made alcoholic or non-alcoholic! Here’s how to make a Cosmopolitan cocktail (cotton candy style!)


35 ml Pink Gin

15 ml Triple Sec

20 ml Candy Syrup

5 ml Lime Juice

50 ml Cranberry Juice

Candy Floss for garnish

  • cosmopolitan cocktail recipe


Step 1

Add 35 ml Pink Gin and 15 ml Triple Sec into your cocktail shaker.

Shakey shake!

Step 2

Add 20 ml Candy Syrup, 5 ml Lime Juice and 50 ml of Cranberry juice to your shaker.

Shakey shake!

Step 3

Double strain into a Martini glass. Take a handful of Candy Floss and place in the glass then enjoy!

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For the drinks lovers

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