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    Bio-diversity at Wildshark Vineyard

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Since launching Wildshark Vineyard in January, we’ve been delighted to welcome many guests for tours and tastings. Vineyard in the UK and specifically Kent isn’t a new thing, so, what sets us apart from other vineyards you ask? Well, we love our land! Bio-diversity, sustainability and re-wilding the land we grow our vines on is one of our biggest focuses and an extremely important part of our ethos… along with producing top quality delicious wine of course!

Keep reading to find out exactly what we’re doing to give back to the land!

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Wildflowers are arguably the face of Wildshark. They’re incorporated in to most of our branding including our delicious artisan gin. We really feel it speaks on who we are! If you’ve visited us, you may have noticed that every other row of vines has been sewn with stunning wildflowers. By doing this, we encourage our partner insects to pollinate the flowers whilst the plants themselves enrich the soil. Plus… they looking beautiful… a win for all!

Our wildflowers have enticed some of Kent’s endangered insects such as butterflies and more!

Planting trees

Planting trees

We have planted a diverse range of native trees and ferns in the surrounding area of the vineyard. As well as this, we have replanted native hawthorn and mixed hedgerows, as well as many native trees all around the site to encourage bird species that have been in decline for many years.

Nurturing the wildlife

Bird boxes have been installed across the site to house owls and other birds. Keep an eye out for those if you visit us, you might be lucky enough to see the more elusive species.

Bee hives have been introduced into the woods to help pollinators but they also have the benefit of producing sun-enriched natural honey which we can’t wait to try!

The lake has also been restocked with trout and is a haven for birds such as ducks, geese, moorhens and more.

Watercress beds

Watercress beds

We have re-generated the old watercress beds down by the BBQ hut by the springs. At one of our most beautiful viewpoints at the vineyard, we wanted to put back in to the land whilst creating memories of a lifetime.

Watercress cannot grow in polluted water, so the fact that ours is thriving means our water really is as clean as it is clear!

All of this and so much more is on the horizon for Wildshark and we can’t wait to continue the journey with you. Don’t forget our tours are live and you can book via the link below!

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