We recently had the pleasure of collaborating with beer sommelier and lover, Dan Watkins for a Staropramen food and beer tasting.

We had a chat with him to find out more about being a beer sommelier and what makes Staropramen unique!

Can you tell us a bit more about your role?

I’m a beer nerd an unashamedly so! That’s what drove me to leave my previous career and follow my passion. I’ve worked my way through sales roles in the industry over the past eight years but now get to travel the country and educate people on beer, cider and of course Staropramen!

Can you tell us a little more about staropramen, what makes it unique?

Staropramen Tank Beer is a classic example of Czech brewing at its finest. Imported directly from Czechia, it has a bold, malt sweetness balanced with traditional hops that add an earthy bitterness. As a premium world beer, it suits The Herbalist’s look and feel fantastically!

What items on our menu work best with staropramen?

The Gruyère Fondue is perfect for this beer. Alpine cheese has an earthy, nuttiness which pairs beautifully with the malt backbone of the beer as well as giving those traditional hops something to cut through. A real winter warmer!

What's Your favourite part of your work?

I not only get to do something I’m passionate about, I get to engage a number of different people on the subject of beer…Something that really gets people talking!

Any advice for anyone looking to get into the industry?

Dive into as much beer related learning as you can and take in as much about this wonderful beverage as possible. Then speak to people who are in the industry, from chatting to venue managers to visiting breweries, to trying beer styles you’ve never heard of before. There are opportunities available to those who are passionate and have enthusiasm for beer.

Make sure you head to The Herbalist to try some delicious Staropramen beer!

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