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    Becca, Head Chef at The Wishful Thinker

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We wanted you to meet our Head Chef at The Wishful Thinker, Becca! Becca puts her own flair into the menus you get seasonally whilst training and supporting the other chefs in the kitchen.

How Long Have You Been Working At Elite and where did you start?

It will be 3 years in June. Time has flown by though, it doesn’t feel like that long at all! I started my career at Elite as a Junior Sous Chef at The Potting Shed before heading over to The Herbalist and finally joining the team at The Wishful Thinker.

What's Your Favourite part about working at elite?

My favourite part is that every day is different, serving different customers with different needs. Group bookings, set menus and changes in menus keeps everything new and exciting. I also love working with fresh, local produce. Sourcing locally is important to me and giving our guests the very best produce.

What's Your favourite type of dish to cook?

Game season is my favourite season due to the flavours, freshness and how local it is – Wildshark Vineyard brought us pheasants last year which was really special as you can’t get much fresher than that!

What's your advice to anyone looking to get into a senior chef role?

My advice would be to take advice, learn as you go and think on your feet. You’ll learn new skills along the way but try and get involved in things even if you don’t think they’re in your realm as it could come in handy at some point!

Always ask questions!

What's your favourite Elite pubs dish to eat?

I would have to say the lamb rump! It’s delicious and you can adapt it to different seasons, with fresh seasonal veg in the summer and as part of a nice roast in the winter!

Is a chef role for you? We’ve got lots of development programmes available for those wanting to take their passion to the next level. Take a look at our vacancies below.

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