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Staropramen is a classic 5% Czech pilsner that represents the traditional “golden” side of Prague and its beer brewing history. A classic Czech pilsner (5% ABV), Staropramen is smooth to taste with a well-rounded, soft malty flavour and is brewed using the finest Czech ingredients of the highest quality, including premium Czech hops. Staropramen is perfectly paired with dinner and socialising with friends

What is Staropramen Brewery Fresh Tank Beer?

In the tanks in your outlet is brewery fresh unpasteurised beer direct from the Staropramen brewery in Prague.  We want to bring consumers closer to our brewery and age old craftsmanship and expertise by bringing them the freshest possible beer that tastes exactly as the brewmaster intended.

Tasting Notes

Appearance – Golden, clear, mid-carbonation
Aroma – Fine, hoppy, slightly fruity/honey tones
Taste – Refreshing, well balanced bitterness, malty
Mouth Feel – Medium bodied
Finish – rounded bitterness, appetising

Pairs well with all types of meat, particularly beef, pork and lamb but also sweet dishes such as honeycomb and lemon desserts