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    Staropramen Tasting With Daniel Watkins

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Join us for an evening of beer tasting and food pairing with our very own beer and cider sommelier, Dan Watkins from 7pm onwards.

You’ll be sampling some delicious Staropramen beer and Dan will be on hand to answer any questions you might have! The Herbalist is one of only 10 sites that serve this delicious beer on tap in the UK!

“Staropramen tank beer is the freshest Staropramen you can get. Served from our copper tanks, our unpasteurised beer comes direct from the Staropramen brewery in Prague, so you can taste our beer just as the brewmaster intended. The taste is crisper and fresher than regular Staropramen, bringing you closer to our age old craftmanship and Czech brewing expertise.”

No ticket needed for this event simply rock up and enjoy!

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